We got blogging right 20 years ago

I’m feeling especially nostalgic for the Good Old Days of Blogging™. Looking at my blog from 2003 makes me think we got blogging right early on.

2018 06 20 White Noise Feb 2003

That’s one of the earliest captures of my blog that I could find on archive.org. I miss it. Look at that sidebar with a blogroll and XML icon. “Powered by blosxom”! I may even adjust my current theme to be a bit more mid-2000-ey, just for kicks.

Self Portrait (2018)

Finally got a long release cable and bulb for the Crown Graphic. That explains my left hand in the photo. Now I can take large format selfies! (Crown Graphic. HP5+. HC-110)

Automating the End of Movies on Physical Discs – Subtraction.com

Khoi Vinh:

No one pays attention to Netflix’s discs-by-mail business anymore

The linked video showing the cool automated DVD return process is fascinating.

I still receive Netflix DVDs by mail so that I have access to movies not available via streaming services. Vinh points out a more important problem caused by moving from one media format to another: the loss of some titles altogether.

I enabled “Show website icons in tabs” in Safari Technology Preview and was surprised to learn that I don’t like them. As someone who only has a handful of tabs open at once, they feel unnecessary.

Andrew (2018)

Andrew is almost straight on here and yet only his right eye is in focus. Super narrow DoF isn’t always a good idea.

I’m having a tooling crisis today. iOS updates caused me to launch OmniFocus, which led to Mail.app, which led to BBedit, which led to me side-eying Emacs and Org-mode. 😒

My dad is 77 and hardly ever stops moving. Here we were tearing down an old shed and once again I couldn’t keep him off the ladder.

So, how many suspiciously empty towns is William going to just wander into this season?

I was worried that my turntable was broken when I first put on my new Clipse record from VinylMePlease but turns out it was pressed at 45 RPM instead of 33 1/3. Whew. Also, good record.

I am no longer taking my phone and AirPods with me when out walking. No Audible. No podcasts. No music. It’s an attempt to stop piping other people’s thoughts into my brain all day, every day.

After listening to Sam Harris: “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics: A Conversation with Dan Harris,” I may need to give the meditation thing another go. One of these times it’ll stick!