Internet speed at the new place was terrible. An hour of re-jiggering cables and settings and it’s gotten better. I can live here now.

Moving day starts now. Time to unplug everything and spend what may be an ENTIRE DAY off the internet. ::crowd gasps::. Here goes!

Lately, I’ve stopped “Favoriting” photos on Flickr, and started posting short comments instead. I think maybe has positively influenced my behavior on social networks.

Today’s was the first Apple event in a long time after which I said: “I’d like ONE OF EACH, please!”

This Datavue Snap 1+1 “portable” (1987) ran on dual floppies. I lived in Microsoft Works for a while and was having the time of my life.

I picked up my Leica M6 after months of neglecting it and was instantly reminded that no other camera gives me “the feels” the way this one does.

Ethics in news consumption | The Outline

Leah Finnegan, The Outline:

…more and more I am questioning the news cycle and my relationship to it. There is so much news, and almost none of it is important, but you would not know that from a visit to social media, the grotesque excuse for a piazza where we are supposed to connect with people who are yelling at us, or any of the 24-hour websites that provide us with an overwhelming deluge of inanity.

As such, I have come to believe that an essential form of self-care is consuming as little national news as possible, and I will argue that this is an ethical choice.

the general idea that Joe Citizen can and must do something about a horror that is being perpetrated beyond his control — and can be successful in halting that horror — is not just psychically harmful but logically backward

Leica M10-D, Digital Body. Analog Soul

2018 10 24 m10 d

The Leica M10-D brings the unique experience of analog photography back into the digital world. While modern photography encounters an overwhelming number of features and functions, the M10-D is a bold statement of a conscious focus on the essentials of both the philosophy and function of photography.

With no rear display, minimal yet effective controls, and an extremely quiet shutter, the Leica M10-D focuses on the desires of many photographers to concentrate solely on the act of making pictures. In place of the screen, it offers a mechanical on/off switch with dedicated Wi-Fi shortcut and a dial for direct control of exposure compensation.

I know it’s crazy, but I still want one. Hashtag chutzpah.

These days, when iCloud is down it really messes with me. Took me 10 minutes to realize my Bear library and DEVONthink databases hadn’t synced and I thought I was going crazy.