I’m going to need an Everything Bucket for my Everything Buckets.

The latest “Everything Bucket” is Keep It from Reinvented Software. Keep It is replacing Together, itself a fine tool for collecting things.

I’d settled on DEVONthink in recent years but lately have been looking for a simpler alternative. DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go are a powerful combination. Maybe too powerful. I have many hours into configuring sync between my Macs and iOS devices, and sometimes I feel like I still don’t understand DEVONthink’s sync system at all. Having too many options is not always desirable.

I’ve been running with EagleFiler for the past couple of weeks and it really is great at keeping track of a bunch of “stuff”. It’s especially good with email. I haven’t minded that there’s no EagleFiler for iOS because everything is just kept in folders in Dropbox. Still, having a similar UI on both platforms would be nice.

Keep It looks nice. Like EagleFiler, it keeps my files and folder structure intact, although the library’s folder is in iCloud’s ~/Library/Group Containers/… location. Still, any app with a “Show in Finder” option is good with me.

I’m planning to throw a subset of my “File Cabinet” at Keep It and see how it feels.

Update I don’t think Keep It is for me. While I like how it looks and it feels good, there are a few things I’m not sure I could live with…

  • No quick capture keyboard shortcut
  • No way to see un-filed items
  • No Markdown preview

I’ll keep an eye on it, but for now I’m sticking with my current tools.

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    1. Sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve used Keep It that I don’t recall. I think it was referring to not being able to find all the items that were not yet tagged/filed so that I could quickly review and file them.

      1. You can specify a folder for all new notes. Something like an inbox, where things go before they are filed?

        You can also see items that are “untagged” now.

  1. Thanks! So did you revert to Eaglefiler?

    BTW, re: making EagleFiler stuff accessible on mobile, the smart move seems to be to piggyback on Goodreader in iCloud Drive. From a comment here: https://tidbits.com/2016/01/11/vote-for-your-favorite-mac-personal-information-manager/

    Recently I got my first iOS device (iPod Touch), and so I naturally wanted the ability to access my EagleFiler libraries on there too when necessary.

    I decided to try GoodReader. This has turned out to be absolutely ideal for my needs. GoodReader can open and (at least) display most kinds of files, especially those I store most frequently: text files, PDFs and WebArchives. (The latter is really a killer feature for me: I can archive some useful page in EagleFiler when browsing on my Mac and know that (having synchronised) I can open it later at any time on iOS, even (especially) when offline.)

    I’m now using my own ownCloud server for synchronising, but you could also use iCloud, Dropbox or any WebDAV server, or do it using USB and iTunes (this is covered in the EagleFiler manual). I have GoodReader set up to synchronise with my EagleFiler library in read-only mode, since I generally don’t need to make changes to these things on iOS, but you can also set it up to work in a read-write way. (For text files I do need to modify, I’m using Textastic, connected to the same ownCloud/WebDAV server.)

    1. Thanks for the ideas! I did not go back to EagleFiler. I seem to waffle between super simple (only files and folders) and complex (DEVONthink). I’m currently in files-and-folder mode again.

      1. files and folders with what?

        I’m currently giving Keep It a shot. I have Devonthink and Evernote as well, but I wanted something simpler and more iOS friendly. I think Keep It could fit the bill.

  2. I think Keep it is superior to DEVONThink for things where I don’t need the research features, like bookkeeping receipts and stuff. Sync to iOS is much faster and more stable, and helpful smart searches are less complex to design. Tagging can be automated to some degree using Hazel.

    However, for archives where I want deep search functionality and the magic hat, DEVONThink wins out of course. But strangely enough that means I use the simpler tool more, and for more stuff. But there really is no need to apply the weight of DT to simple stuff.

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