Let’s just say that I’m not a fan of two-factor web forms that don’t automatically focus the field I’m supposed to be typing in while reading a number from off my phone.

I don’t think there are enough new features in the world to convince me to use Pages for anything.

I was worried about my commitment to using Linux (Manjero i3 in my case) and wondered if maybe I needed a more familiar desktop environment. Installed XFCE and that has helped. Not as cool, but much more comfortable.

I think Standard Notes may be onto something. End-to-end encryption, every platform, sync. Super simple but has an extension system with editor variations (e.g. Vim, Markdown, etc). https://standardnotes.org/

I’m not sure I can sustain the energy and motivation it takes to run Linux successfully for day-to-day use. It’s so fun when I’m in the mood but I’m not to the point where it comes naturally.

Sometimes when I feel like using something other than Emacs I just change themes and that tricks me into thinking I’ve actually done it.