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  1. @hjertnes The recent film from Impossible Project is not bad. I still bake the b/w shots to stabilize them, but I’ve had bunch (color and b/w) shots hanging on wall for 2-3 years and they’ve done pretty good.

  2. @jack bake and n oven on low heat to dry them out and stop the chemical process, helps with fading and browning (b/w only, the color is slightly different chemistry and it affects the colors). I think Inpossible Project sells silica pouches you can use for the same thing – Dry Age Kit it’s called, I think.

  3. @jack I just poked around the site and don’t see it anymore, so it may no longer be required with the newer film. I’m still using my stock from 2-3 years ago though, and that definitely needs it.

  4. @oyam I love the SX-70, but also I enjoy using the OneStep2. Might be that it’s cheap, solid, and has a built-in flash. I tend to be more careful with the SX-70. The OneStep2 is more fun that I expected. The film is cheaper too.

  5. @oyam Some of the early Impossible film was interesting (to put it nicely). I supported them and loved being able to use the old cameras again, but I found the results to be pretty bad. The newer stuff is much better, and still a blast to shoot.

  6. @jack Agreed! Same here… the really old bw film was decent, but the color was all over the place, I found. I mostly shot the bw stuff back then. Still impressive what they managed and how fast their iterations were. I still have two unopened packs of Push, but I’m pretty sure that’s dead by now, heh.

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