I don’t think there are enough new features in the world to convince me to use Pages for anything.

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  1. @jack the iWork suite is different to office – without a doubt … but for me way more intuitive … that said … heavy number crunching in spreadsheet … xcel … but to present, layout, engage your reader, viewer … no choice …. unless you are an office ninja – and most …99% people just are not

  2. @jack Oddly, Pages is so much better at nearly everything than Microsoft Word. However, in a business setting Pages never gets used. I’m guessing in school (primary, or university) Pages must be huge to get free on your Mac.

  3. @cdevroe I would definitely choose Pages over Word. I know students who do anything more complex than a simple text document in Pages and seem to like it. I also know people who use it instead of a simple text document and that’s just wrong :).

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