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  1. @jack Thank you to everyone sending such nice notes about my recent engagement. I planned to reply to everyone individually, but I had no idea there would be so many! What a wonderful place this is. Thank you so much for the kind words! My ~~girlfriend~~ fiance asked, “Who are all these people? Do you know them?” and I answered “I feel like I do know them, yes.”

  2. @jack A few years ago, I was in a coffeeshop full of strangers. At a nearby table, an older man was being interviewed by a young woman. They were close enough so I could just make out what they were saying if I tried. I wasn’t trying. At some point, his cell phone rang. With an apology to the woman, he answered it.

    He flustered through a short call and then said to the woman, β€œWell, apparently I’m a grandfather.” His daughter had just had a baby. Those of us closer to him whispered the news to those further off, and within a few seconds, the entire coffeeshop full of strangers gave him a round of applause.

    I would like to think that when someone says, for example, β€œI’m a grandfather!” or β€œShe said yes!” that the natural human response is that of hearty congratulations. I would like to think that real community is easy to find, while toxic swamps of hate and fear only happen when something is broken.

    Easy to find, but hard to maintain. Why?

  3. @jack It’s pretty cool haha. The Monday after, Rachel started sending me all these wedding planning documents and I thought to myself β€œI’ve unleashed the Kraken”

    Because of next year being a really hectic year for us, we are looking at 2020 which gives us a lot of time to get things situated.