The Touch Bar is basically unusable in any sort of sunlight. I’m sorry to be so bitchy about it, but this MacBook Pro is the first Mac (and I’ve had many) that I actively dislike. Using it annoys me. Nice screen, though.

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  1. @amit @hjertnes I thought I’d get used to it. It’s a lovely bit of hardware overall. What I want is an Air with updated internals. 11-inch, old keyboard. “normal” USB. I’d even live without Retina. The 11″ Air was my favorite Mac and I miss it.

  2. @jack Absolutely. That’s exactly what I want – an Air with upgraded internals. Do not remove ports, or even change screen. I can live with those. I really doubt I will get what I want though.

    Haven’t made any purchase yet, waiting for WWDC to check what Apple offers.

  3. @jack 🙂 But since I’m connecting it to 27″ screen at work (using a dock) I usually use an older Logitech keyboard. And for some strange reason I like the iPad Pro keyboard better … although it’s a bit too small.

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