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Well that was easy. Plus I’m controlling it all via the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Music everywhere. This is like my first time with Sonos but way better. Roon is my favorite new thing.

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  1. @jack I hadn’t heard of Roon and it looks neat. It’s a service that powers software that you put on a server (?) and then catalogs and presents all your music across storage locations and stuff? Is that the core?

  2. @alans That’s basically it. I have “core” running on my iMac and my iOS devices and laptop are all “control” devices. Cool that it plays to any number of “endpoints”, including Sonos and Airplay devices. The discovery and metadata features are deep and very useful so far. As a media player, I think Audirvana+ sounds a little better, but Roon blows it away with UI. I’m just getting started, but I love how it’s surfacing stuff in my library.

  3. @jack I need something like this to kick me in the pants to get all my music put back together. Can it run from a synology? Serve stuff to clients that are off my network?

    (Feel free to respond with a link to Let Me Google That For You!)

  4. @alans Pretty sure you can run Core/Server just about anywhere. Quite a rabbit hole I’ve found! As far as I know you’d need a VPN in order to access the server from a different network. Haven’t tried any of that yet.

  5. @oyam As far as I know, it’s basically useless without a subscription. I ended up going all-in and buying the lifetime subscription before I talked myself out of it. Hope they stick around! I am still really digging it.