So Dropbox resolves symlinks to files outside of Dropbox? This means I can keep files in e.g. ~/org but still sync them? I think I prefer this to the other way around.

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  1. @jack That’s horrifying.

    It should sync the symlink but not the symlinked file if it’s outside Dropbox, IMO.

    Nasty security hole.

    I wonder if they’re just trying to increase storage requirements.

  2. @njr Apparently it was a deliberate design decision way back when. Seems dropbox doesn’t know a thing about symlinks on the server, but resolves them on the client. Storage amount would be the same, I’d think.

  3. @jack The way I checked was to make a symlink from Dropbox to a file outside on a Mac. I then looked at that file in Dropbox on my phone. And I could see the contents. So I think they are uploading the file. Similarly, I can see it on the web.

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