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I would not have thought of using Do Not Disturb While Drive when not driving as a way to reduce distractions. Kevin Rose did.

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  1. @jack Why not just use the old Do Not Disturb that’s activated with the moon button? I have it set to go on automatically after 7pm until 7am (it works manually as well), and unless I make the choice of checking my phone, it won’t do any notifications or noise. It doesn’t have auto responder, but I don’t feel like I owe it to others to tell them I’m ignoring my phone (and it will still ring if the same person calls 3 times within a minute, or whatever that time limit is).

  2. @oyam @jack Maybe it’s my interpretation of urgency: phone > messages > email. A message automatically imply it’s not urgent. May be little more urgent than email, but not that urgent. If the house is on fire, don’t waste time typing, call…

  3. @jack That, or he’s after the fact that when you activate it you have to say “I’m not driving” before it lets you do anything with the phone. I can see that being a useful reminder to phone obsessed people.

  4. @oyam Oh of course! I have been lamenting the fact that I grab my phone for no reason…all the time. DND might be a more practical approach than using that Nokia 3310 :).