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I am no longer taking my phone and AirPods with me when out walking. No Audible. No podcasts. No music. It’s an attempt to stop piping other people’s thoughts into my brain all day, every day.


  • Colin Walker

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  1. @jack Sigh. I have more podcasts saved than I’ll ever be able to listen to and my favorite way to listen to music is while walking, but most of the time when I go for a walk these days I just want to think.

  2. @unoabraham it wasn’t too difficult! I’ve never had a particularly deep connection with music, and lately I’d found myself spending more time with podcasts and audiobooks during my commute anyway. The only time I kinda missed it was when I needed to focus in the office, but I saw Federico Viticci over at MacStories talking positively about and gave it a shot. It fits my “music” needs pretty well. I will also admit I “cheat” a bit sometimes and listen to chanted/sung practice recordings from my Buddhist community. 😛

  3. I’ve thought about doing this but … with a chronic medical conditions, the phone provides a way to call for help. I’m disciplined to avoid using the phone (except for photography — no sharing).

    • Probably a good plan, Khürt. I might do okay having the phone but no headphones with me. Like you, I’m not distracted that much by my just phone while walking.


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