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Shark Razor Blades, lots of ’em

I’ve been shaving with a safety razor for years and recently ran out of blades. Ordered 100 more of my favorite “Shark” blades. Set me back a whopping $7.00.

  1. @jack I’ve never tried Sharks before — what appeals to you? I’m about 70% through a 100-pack of Feather blades I bought in late 2014. Wearing a full beard, I just need to maintain my neck & cheekline; but since it’s a wiry beard, I need ultra-sharp blades.

  2. @schuth I tried Feather blades, which everyone seems to love, but I found them to be too sharp. I didn’t know that was possible :). I also just trim neck and cheeks and the Feathers caused more irritation than Sharks.

  3. @jack Interesting; most of my irritation comes from not getting a close enough shave, then dealing with ingrowns. Still, I might add a fiver of Sharks the next time I order blades, just to compare.

  4. @jack @schuth I’ve found personna platinum (the Israeli, not US) blades to be a great compromise between sharpness and comfort. I also found Feather way too aggressive.

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