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Curiota 3

Curiota is a free, simple note-taking app by Zengobi, maker of the wonderful Curio. Curiota is one of those apps that sneaks up on you. I started using only as a sort of capture tool for Curio projects, but I’ve been tossing all kinds of things in it, simply because it’s so easy and pleasurable to do so.

Here’s the blog post announcing Curiota version 3

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  1. @jack I’ve been enjoying this, but suspect I’ll move over to Drafts when it makes its way to the Mac later this year, especially if there’s an easy way to get text from Drafts to Curio

  2. @canion Yes, that’s the trouble with apps like Curio. The possibilities are endless. I’ll see about writing up some details, but you should definitely check out the Zengobi forums. George is a ridiculously responsive and helpful developer.

  3. @canion George has added so many useful touches to Curio it never stops surprising me. Also, several suggestions I offered were added within weeks of chatting about it. Not always exactly what I suggested but close enough that it solved my problems. I love software that thinks like I do.