Emacs from scratch – Huy Tran

Huy Tran

Spacemacs is the first Emacs version I used, so I’m kind of attached to the evil-mode and SPC mnemonic key binding.But I always have a feeling that something is not right, Spacemacs hides a lot of things under the hood, and it loads a lot of stuff that I do not need during the startup.

This is so tempting.

8 thoughts on “Emacs from scratch – Huy Tran

  1. @jack I’ve gone down that road, and ended up back at Spacemacs because a) startups are faster than they used to be b) their layer system makes is easier to manage configuration as it grows 3) It includes a lot of nice things that are a pain to get right.

  2. @hjertnes Yes, it’s the thousand small things in Spacemacs that prevent me from rolling my own. I get a good way down the path realize I’m going to end up with nearly as much complexity, implemented poorly, and with no one around to dig me out of it.

  3. @hjertnes I like how nicely laid out this is. I agree it is mostly a good learning exercise. You can either start from scratch and add or start from a decent starting point (spacemacs) and subtract (add), but both require some level of learning.

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