How Wil Wheaton Single-handedly Destroyed Mastodon and Possibly the Entire Federation

Has there been a “Think Piece” written yet about all this? Odds are it’ll be called something click-baitey like the title of this post. I checked Medium but didn’t see one. Anyway, if you hear of one, please don’t let me know because I’d like very much to avoid reading it.

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  1. @jack That’s exactly the sort of article I’m expecting will start popping up any minute now. Like you, I have no interest in reading it. But then, I avoided all those “The End of ____” books and thinkpieces back in the 90s. Secular apocalyptic literature is even tackier than the religious sort.

  2. @jack He wrote a longer post about it on his blog. I’ve read it, and his other sign-off post thread on Mastodon. I also engaged in a bit of debate on Mastodon as well. The incident has truly exposed some weak spots in the idea that federation and decentralization can prevent all the negative behavior associated with FB and Twitter.

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