My blog is a mess and I’m fine with that

I wonder how much time I’ve spent worrying about my various blogs. So much time, is how much.

Should I include short posts on the main timeline? Should I always use titles? Is it too cluttered if there’s a sidebar with recent posts and whatnot? Serif or no? Static HTML is cool, but I wonder if I should just make things easy and use WordPress.

It’s endless!

All of this is fun to think about, but I’ve sort of stopped worrying about the shape of things around here. I’ve posted whatever I’ve felt like posting to wherever I felt like posting it in whatever format I felt like at the time.

My writing has never been precise, why should my blog be? I play pretty fast and loose with content, so why should the blog be tidy and carefully considered? And who wants everything to look like a Medium post, anyway?

So yeah, it’s messy here. It’s inconsistent. It’s unfocused. I love it.

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  1. @jack Guilty. I guess I just haven’t blogged for as much time as you have. My “so much” is yet to come πŸ™‚

    But I agree with the sentiment of the post. A thing I have realized though is people mostly reach posts via direct references, very few browse around blogs. So I just keep it clean, simple. No fuss.

  2. @jack I’m fine with messiness too. I used to have trouble maintaining a blog until I discovered and the Indieweb and the idea that a blog could take any form you wanted it to be. I see my site as a continual work-in-progress anyway and it’s never going to be tidy.

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