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One side effect of using titles on “micro” posts

Blog posts with a title are not displayed in full on the feed. will only show the title and a link to the post.

I love the interaction that takes place on and worry that if only links to my short posts show there, people won’t bother to click through and the conversations won’t happen. And, if they do click through, it won’t be worth it just for a 240-character snippet I just fired off without much thought. I don’t want to waste people’s time that way.

On the other hand, looking at my blog from more than a decade ago reminded me that I like titles. Even on short posts. This means that I can either blog the way I want to blog and potentially miss out on some fun discussions. Or, I can twist things so that they are rendered more optimally on

I’ve decided I should just blog how I want to blog. is awesome (I love you all), but it’s better as an adjunct to my blog and not the other way around.

Hope that’s ok.


  • Colin Walker

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  1. @jack You might consider a compromise that might work. I agree that getting the full 280 into the timeline is a good idea. So maybe post the text with no strictly stated title. But format the beginning text in bold, which will then stand out in reading as a title!

  2. @jack But we don’t have text search on anyway, do we? I say write for the impact you want NOW. Archiving & search is for creating & viewing moldy old history, the present being more important. Though I certainly enjoyed your old blogs that you dug up!

  3. @jack I decided to keep my (very micro) micro blog as a separate section from the main blog. More of a micro blog archive than anything I expect people to read. Real posts get titles, micro ones don’t.

  4. @jack I’ve been grapping with that, too. I try and avoid titles on my m.b posts, mostly because I feel like the titles are too easily glossed over. That said: I click on your links with titles, because I’m always happy to read what you write.

  5. @tgray that’s pretty much how i’ve been handing it but now i’m thinking if treating them the same. or rather, treating them the same on the blog i’m using mostly for short posts.

  6. @tgray That’s part of the problem. I’d prefer all my posts to live on my main (Hugo) blog but i’m not sure it’ll ever be as easy posting short posts and photos with Hugo as it is with WordPress. I get lazy so I bounce between them regularly.

  7. @jack could you have titles on your sites but remove then from the RSS that links to I think that’s what I do (been a while). This might mess up longer post but I hope to sort that out soon by having status posts titleless in RSS and standard ones with titles. This is in WordPress. Don’t know if possible in Hugo?

  8. @johnjohnston I’d forgotten about that option. I may do that. On the other hand, the whole dilemma for me was that I didn’t want to work too hard just to manipulate how a post is displayed in I may see how much actual work is involved though, thanks!

  9. @johnjohnston Oh I love tinkering! :). Maybe I should replace “work” with “worry about”. It’s more a philosophical decision to not worry about it. Thanks so much for the gist. That will come in handy if I end up going with titleless-RSS.


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