Westworld Season 2, aka “Bernard wanders around looking flummoxed”

I’ve given it a few days but I’ve decided that I hated I’m angry with Westworld Season 2.

Bernard’s constant bewilderment aligned nicely with mine. I should have known better, given its dumb-ass messed up timeline and “Lost”-like “Rules, what rules?” behavior.

“You just don’t ‘get’ it!” you say. You’re right, and that’s another reason I hated it. It’s not a mystery, it’s sprawling nonsense. Go ahead, pretend it means something if you want. Pretend the “What does it really mean to be human?” question is deep. I’m past that.

This is what I got out of it:

  • Bernard is confused
  • Dolores is mean to everyone
  • The Man in Black falls for the too-quiet-empty town like 12 times and somehow survives
  • No one can die. Or can they?
  • Ford has a plan, but no one knows what it is and they wouldn’t tell us if they did.

Anyway, can’t wait for Season 3.



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  1. @jack “Westworld” season 1 was better as a season than season 2. It had a better structure and fewer but more consistent themes. Season 2 had two or three individual episodes that were better than any in season 1, I’d argue, but it’s overall structure was not as well defined. Plus, revealing the answers to mysteries (even partial answers), as season 2 did moreso than season 1, diminishes the audience’s immersion in the world the show established. Ironically, the more of it we see, the smaller the world becomes.

  2. @jack I basically agree with you. I wouldn’t say I hated it but I sure didn’t love it. And I’ll probably watch season 3. I have some thoughts on how season 3 could be good. I think the comparisons to the Matrix movies are apt.

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