The Red Trailer Mystery

Red Trailer Mystery

The first real book I ever read was “Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer Mystery”. I read it, I think in one sitting, while camped out under my grandmother’s kitchen table. My original copy is, sadly, long gone. I’m feeling nostalgic this week, so I picked up a replacement copy of the book from eBay. I can’t wait to read it again.

Westworld Season 2, aka “Bernard wanders around looking flummoxed”

I’ve given it a few days but I’ve decided that I hated I’m angry with Westworld Season 2.

Bernard’s constant bewilderment aligned nicely with mine. I should have known better, given its dumb-ass messed up timeline and “Lost”-like “Rules, what rules?” behavior.

“You just don’t ‘get’ it!” you say. You’re right, and that’s another reason I hated it. It’s not a mystery, it’s sprawling nonsense. Go ahead, pretend it means something if you want. Pretend the “What does it really mean to be human?” question is deep. I’m past that.

This is what I got out of it:

  • Bernard is confused
  • Dolores is mean to everyone
  • The Man in Black falls for the too-quiet-empty town like 12 times and somehow survives
  • No one can die. Or can they?
  • Ford has a plan, but no one knows what it is and they wouldn’t tell us if they did.

Anyway, can’t wait for Season 3.



Too Much Music: A Failed Experiment In Dedicated Listening – NPR

James Jackson Toth (NPR):

Missing from a larger discussion is the radical idea that maybe it is the consumers who are being done the greatest disservice, and that this access-bonanza may be cheapening the listening experience by transforming fans into file clerks and experts into dilettantes. I don’t want my musical discoveries dictated by a series of intuitive algorithms any more than I want to experience Jamaica via an all-inclusive trip to Sandals.

Fine, call it nostalgia but I am firmly in the access-to-music-is-too-easy-to-appriciate-properly camp, even though Toth discovers something a bit different here. I suspect his experiment was flawed.

Streaming Services and the End of Music Collection – Variety

2015 LF002

Janko Roettgers in Variety:

And there’s simply no room for your 10,000 meticulously tagged MP3s in a world of an always-available 40 million songs.

This is probably true, and it makes me a bit sad, but as Rian van Der Merwe points out on Twitter:

And it continues with another probably true statement…


What has also changed is how we consume music, which devices we use to listen to it, how we find and rediscover songs, and how we share them with the world.

But harrumph and balderdash and who’s this “we” he’s referring to? I listen to music almost exclusively on vinyl, so my music collection and collecting isn’t going anywhere. Get off my lawn, Roettgers! 🙂