Oh no I’m suddenly frustrated by how my blog pages load. Janky is the word. Whenever I blame WordPress for this I burn it all down and start using a static generator. Then I hate myself in two months.

I know video games are fun and all but I just discovered the ranger file browser on linux and I’m all set for a while, fun-on-a-computer wise.

I read email in a text editor so I consider anything that’s not plain text to be an attachment I can’t open. Please resend in a suitable format.

Micro Monday time. This week, I’d like to suggest you follow @oyam for his thoughtful comments, interesting (slightly nerdy) topics, and lovely photos.


Also gone: This rice cooker. Superseded by the Instant Pot. I think I may have started a project…Project Gone. 🙂

Rice Cooker. (Crown Graphic, Atomic-X, FF Monobath, f/22 for 3 seconds)

I’ve been trying Pocket as my “read later” service for a week or two and it turns out I’m just as adept at ignoring stuff there as I was when using Pinboard.

Just went to plug my awesome new Grado headphones into my iPhone and remembered that I can’t without the dongle I don’t have with me. I hate the future.

Most of the time I pour through longer, more thorough or challenging articles from Aeon, Brain Pickings, 3QuarksDaily, etc and find them invigorating. Recently, though, I tend to skip them and jump right to the listicles. Hope this passes soon because junk food is bad for me.