Internet speed at the new place was terrible. An hour of re-jiggering cables and settings and it’s gotten better. I can live here now.

Moving day starts now. Time to unplug everything and spend what may be an ENTIRE DAY off the internet. ::crowd gasps::. Here goes!

Ethics in news consumption | The Outline

Leah Finnegan, The Outline:

…more and more I am questioning the news cycle and my relationship to it. There is so much news, and almost none of it is important, but you would not know that from a visit to social media, the grotesque excuse for a piazza where we are supposed to connect with people who are yelling at us, or any of the 24-hour websites that provide us with an overwhelming deluge of inanity.

As such, I have come to believe that an essential form of self-care is consuming as little national news as possible, and I will argue that this is an ethical choice.

the general idea that Joe Citizen can and must do something about a horror that is being perpetrated beyond his control — and can be successful in halting that horror — is not just psychically harmful but logically backward

Dark Mode isn’t for me

I’m not a person who normally uses dark themes, but with all the hoopla around Dark Mode in Mojave I thought I should try it for a month and see if I liked it as much as everyone else seemed to.

Nope, I don’t like Dark Mode.

I guess one person’s “eye bleach” is another person’s “proper contrast and color” 🙂

When I switched back to Light Mode (or “Normal Mode” as I like to call it), I felt a sense of relief. Dark Mode just felt too heavy-handed.

Mac apps already tend to look very similar. There’s a list of things in a sidebar on the left, detail on the right. Sometimes something else in the center. Dark Mode seems to make this worse. Mail, DEVONthink, MarsEdit, etc. all seem to blend into a single pile of exactly the same-looking things. Also, small dialog windows tended to get lost for some reason. I’d think a file copy was finished but nope, the progress window was just difficult to see.

Anyway, I’m happy for all the people who’ve been looking forward to a system-wide dark mode, but I’ll be keeping it light.

The Outline on /r/AskHistorians

A Good Place: Where nothing is fake and there is no news | The Outline:

Some people cruise through Wikipedia links like a community car wash, letting the always-churning trivia brushes scrub their worries away, but I want my brain powerwashed by AskHistorians. AskHistorians is a subreddit run by a strict community of historians that don’t tolerate your internet nonsense. You make jokes? You don’t cite your sources? You’re history.

I don’t have the energy to participate in every battle, so I’ll have to be content losing most of them.

Sometimes I switch up my apps/workflow and immediately start writing a blog post about it. But then, before I finish that post I’ve switched back already.

What is it with people driving pickups? I swear if one more aggressively-postured Super Duty rides my ass I’m going to lose it.