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I need dogs

Zim, Katie, and Leeloo (2006)

For many years I had three dogs and it was hectic and messy and awesome. I currently have no dogs and I don’t like it. I need dogs.


Leeloo, Jess, Zim, Katie (2009)


Leeloo, Zim, Katie, and Jack in car (2012)


Leeloo, Jess, Zim, and Katie (2013)


Zim, Leeloo, and Katie (2014)
Dinner at The Deck in Muskegon. I liked the sign. Had a little fun overdoing it with Silver Efex Pro
One day I’ll have to throw away my Lady Gaga shirt but today is not that day #polaroid
Finally got a long release cable and bulb for the Crown Graphic. That explains my left hand in the photo. Now for some large format selfies!

#crowngraphic #filmphotography #4x5film