I may need to take a break from using Emacs/Mu4e for email. Too many times during the day I run into some little snag. Email should be frictionless and my Mu4e setup is not. Back to Mailmate for now, then.

Well that was easy. Plus I’m controlling it all via the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Music everywhere. This is like my first time with Sonos but way better. Roon is my favorite new thing.

Imagine how great macOS could be if everyone wasn’t so distracted by all this iOS nonsense.

One nice side effect of disliking my laptop’s keyboard so much is that I’m not as easily tempted away from my paper journal. The way writing feels is important to me and for that, pen and paper kills the MBP.

If I ever have to travel with this MacBook Pro again I’m packing an external keyboard even if it means I have to check a bag.

Let’s just say that I’m not a fan of two-factor web forms that don’t automatically focus the field I’m supposed to be typing in while reading a number from off my phone.

I don’t think there are enough new features in the world to convince me to use Pages for anything.

I was worried about my commitment to using Linux (Manjero i3 in my case) and wondered if maybe I needed a more familiar desktop environment. Installed XFCE and that has helped. Not as cool, but much more comfortable.

I think Standard Notes may be onto something. End-to-end encryption, every platform, sync. Super simple but has an extension system with editor variations (e.g. Vim, Markdown, etc). https://standardnotes.org/