I just tried using an emoji as a tag in iA Writer but it didn’t work. For grins I then tried it in Bear and it worked great. Seems obvious, in hindsight.

Dark Mode isn’t for me

I’m not a person who normally uses dark themes, but with all the hoopla around Dark Mode in Mojave I thought I should try it for a month and see if I liked it as much as everyone else seemed to.

Nope, I don’t like Dark Mode.

I guess one person’s “eye bleach” is another person’s “proper contrast and color” 🙂

When I switched back to Light Mode (or “Normal Mode” as I like to call it), I felt a sense of relief. Dark Mode just felt too heavy-handed.

Mac apps already tend to look very similar. There’s a list of things in a sidebar on the left, detail on the right. Sometimes something else in the center. Dark Mode seems to make this worse. Mail, DEVONthink, MarsEdit, etc. all seem to blend into a single pile of exactly the same-looking things. Also, small dialog windows tended to get lost for some reason. I’d think a file copy was finished but nope, the progress window was just difficult to see.

Anyway, I’m happy for all the people who’ve been looking forward to a system-wide dark mode, but I’ll be keeping it light.

I need to get away from the computer

Is there such a thing as an addiction to “being on the computer”? If there is, I suffer from it.

I sit here staring at a screen for hours with no real goal or plan. I just click things and read things and move things around.

Eventually, I’ll get bored and “go do something” but that doesn’t last long. The whole time I’m off doing things in the real world I’m thinking about getting back to the computer.

It can’t be healthy.

For a while, I was pretty good at following my “no computer after 7:00pm” rule. I’d go write in my journal or read a book or take a walk. For the past few months I’ve ignored that rule completely. I mean, I’m trying to get better at Photoshop so I’ve gotta put the time in, right?

Something needs to change.

I’m thinking of starting with some sort of computer fasting routine. Maybe I’ll work on bringing back the “no computer after 7:00pm” rule and the long-neglected “no computer after 1:00pm on Sundays” rule.

I’ve ordered a copy of Ryder Carroll’s new Bullet Journal Method book hoping it will help inspire me to bring paper back into my day.

Right now I’m going to go outside and take a walk.

Archived All of My Email With MailSteward

Screenshot 2018 10 20 13 40 23

After several interesting email-related discussions this week on Micro.blog, I was reminded of MailSteward. I like the idea of having a local copy of all my email, and I’ve done this before with tools like mbsync but decided to buy MailSteward as an easier way to maintain a searchable, up-to-date email archive.

MailSteward worked great. It’s not the prettiest app on my Mac, and $49 might seem steep to some for a such a utility, but I think it’ll turn out to be worth it.

The Outline on /r/AskHistorians

A Good Place: Where nothing is fake and there is no news | The Outline:

Some people cruise through Wikipedia links like a community car wash, letting the always-churning trivia brushes scrub their worries away, but I want my brain powerwashed by AskHistorians. AskHistorians is a subreddit run by a strict community of historians that don’t tolerate your internet nonsense. You make jokes? You don’t cite your sources? You’re history.

I don’t have the energy to participate in every battle, so I’ll have to be content losing most of them.

PhotoPrism: Browse your life in pictures

We love taking photos.

Privacy concerns – and the wish to properly archive them for the next generation – brought us to the conclusion that existing cloud solutions are not the right tool to keep them organized.

That’s why we started working on an easy-to-use application that can be hosted at home or on a private server.

I’m excited about this. I’ve been trying to use “Moments” on the Synology but it’s slow and has been a bit unstable for me. PhotoPrism looks better from here.

Link: PhotoPrism.org

I frequently look for a nice new theme for my WordPress blog but I don’t like any of them so I end up back with Independent Publisher.

Sometimes I switch up my apps/workflow and immediately start writing a blog post about it. But then, before I finish that post I’ve switched back already.

What is it with people driving pickups? I swear if one more aggressively-postured Super Duty rides my ass I’m going to lose it.