Another benefit of a static blog is being able to look stuff up on it without an internet connection. “$ grep foo” and done.

(Streaming my own music to HomePod via AirPlay) Me: “Hey Siri, turn it up”. Siri (pausing the music): “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet right now.” …pause continues… “I’m sorry, for more information…” …music stops… Me: 🤬🤬🤬

Imagine how great macOS could be if everyone wasn’t so distracted by all this iOS nonsense.

One nice side effect of disliking my laptop’s keyboard so much is that I’m not as easily tempted away from my paper journal. The way writing feels is important to me and for that, pen and paper kills the MBP.

After four days in beautiful surroundings, I’ve taken maybe a dozen photos. I’m feeling like, “Ooh, a palm tree, how original.” Random selfies are more fun. WHO AM I?

The Touch Bar is basically unusable in any sort of sunlight. I’m sorry to be so bitchy about it, but this MacBook Pro is the first Mac (and I’ve had many) that I actively dislike. Using it annoys me. Nice screen, though.

If I ever have to travel with this MacBook Pro again I’m packing an external keyboard even if it means I have to check a bag.