I may need to take a break from using Emacs/Mu4e for email. Too many times during the day I run into some little snag. Email should be frictionless and my Mu4e setup is not. Back to Mailmate for now, then.

Org Mode Mailmate Bundle

I’m so happy to have discovered this bundle for Mailmate which lets me create a TODO in my Org Mode inbox directly from an email message in Mailmate.

All I had to do to make it work is edit the hardcoded path in /Support/bin/add to point to my inbox.org file.

Another catch was that links to email messages in Org didn’t open Mailmate. The links weren’t linked. I added the following to my .spacemacs file and now everything works swimmingly.

  (org-add-link-type "message" 'org-email-open)
  (defun org-email-open (record-location)
    (shell-command (concat "open \"message:" record-location "\"")))