I need dogs

Zim, Katie, and Leeloo (2006)

For many years I had three dogs and it was hectic and messy and awesome. I currently have no dogs and I don’t like it. I need dogs.


Leeloo, Jess, Zim, Katie (2009)


Leeloo, Zim, Katie, and Jack in car (2012)


Leeloo, Jess, Zim, and Katie (2013)


Zim, Leeloo, and Katie (2014)

My dad is 77 and hardly ever stops moving. Here we were tearing down an old shed and once again I couldn’t keep him off the ladder.

Hung out with my mom today. She’s awesome.

Mom and I on Mother’s Day (photo: Doyle Barnes)

I spend a lot of time thinking about cameras, formats, sharpness, color fringing, distortion, megapixels, and so on yet none of that matters when it’s a photo of my mom.

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