Spent the morning setting up Memacs again. Struggling with the RSS format on my micro.blog. Says it’s not valid RSS 2.0 but it sure looks valid. Welcome to today’s rabbit hole.

Fixing Babel in Org mode

Once in a while Emacs and/or Org mode throws me a curveball. Today’s example is that suddenly I couldn’t run anything using Org-babel. Trying to do so would result in something like…

evaluation of this R code block is disabled

I noticed the following error during startup…

Invalid function: org-babel-header-args-safe-fn

Based on a recommendation in this Github issue I ran spacemacs/recompile-elpa, relaunched Emacs, and all is well.

Organize Your Life With Org-Mode

Karl Voit:

Never in my life have I seen a more beautiful piece of software that scales well from very simple note taking to the most complex workflows you can imagine. Its community is awesome, you can meet the most nicest people.

To me, Org-mode solves things like simple todo lists, note taking, project management, spreadsheet calculations, calendar, contact management, file management, blogging system, knowledge base, quantified self, lifelogging, reference management, bookmark collection and so forth.

Org-mode has ended my search for most of the things I use a computer for. There’s nothing like it.